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Jungheinrich previews new Li-ion truck

2020-02-06 18:05 Kind:转载 Author:Jungheinrich Source:Jungheinrich
Jungheinrich previewed a new high-voltage electric forklift truck at its Innovations and Highlights 2020 trade press conference in H...
Jungheinrich Lift Truck (Shanghai)Co., Ltd.

Jungheinrich previewed a new high-voltage electric forklift truck at its Innovations and Highlights 2020 trade press conference in Hamburg.

Jungheinrich EFG P30i

The preview truck, named P30i, is an electric forklift in the shell of a diesel truck. "The P30i is the first lithium-ion truck with the power and driving comfort of a combustion engine and, thus, a game changer in the world of counterbalance trucks," says Christian Erlach, board member for sales and marketing at Jungheinrich.

For the EFG P30i, Jungheinrich has further developed the chassis of its new hydrostat, integrating electric drive and the latest high-voltage lithium-ion technology. The frame, operator protection cab and tyres are specially designed for tough outdoor use. Hard rubber bumpers on the counterweight bear witness to the power of the EFG P30i. The vehicle is driven by two electric motors.

A lithium-ion battery, which is permanently installed in the vehicle in two modules of 25 kWh each, supplies the P30i with sufficient power for intensive use in up to three shifts. A newly developed comfort charging socket and an ergonomic charging plug will make intermediate charging as simple and fast as refuelling in future. In combination with high-voltage technology, this gives the P30i particularly high availability and more power in outdoor use.

The P30i has a lifting speed that is 25% higher than that of classic electric counterbalance trucks, the company claims. Its climbing ability is one-third better than that of a classic EFG. Thanks to the modular arrangement of the lithium-ion batteries, Jungheinrich has also succeeded in making significant weight savings compared with conventional battery-powered trucks. This increases the truck's agility in operation while simultaneously reducing energy consumption.

"The P30i combines the power, robustness and driving comfort of a combustion engine with the economy and emission-free operation of an electric truck. In terms of energy efficiency, ergonomics and sustainability, the P30i thus sets new standards and is the beginning of the end for the diesel forklift truck," says Erlach.

Jungheinrich expects to launch the P30i on the market at the end of 2021.

The Jungheinrich Group is one of the world's leading suppliers of industrial trucks, warehousing technology and materials flow technology. In Europe, Jungheinrich is the Number 1 supplier of warehousing technology. Since 1953, the Group, which has its headquarters in Hamburg, has been offering forklift-based products and services designed to get things moving for industrial customers.


Global distribution flows are on the increase: the transport sector is dominated by a high level of mobility and flexibility - with the result that made-to-measure, all-round solutions are rapidly replacing classic product ranges. Jungheinrich's response to this development has been the introduction of a modern, broadly-based array of products underpinned by an outstanding range of services.


The Jungheinrich Group produces in four plants: our Norderstedt plant, located in Hamburg's green belt; the Lüneburg plant, also close to Hamburg;  Moosburg plant and an assembly plant in Qingpu (China).


Jungheinrich's direct sales network in Germany comprises 17 sales/distribution centres and subsidiaries. We have sales and service companies in a further 31 countries, and operate dealer distribution networks in a number of countries, including Australia, South Africa and China. In Europe alone there are over 100 Jungheinrich centres, covering the continent from Iceland to Turkey, and from Finland to Portugal.


Jungheinrich offers a close-knit after-sales service network: highly-qualified Jungheinrich service engineers guarantee the high availability of our forklifts. Two spare parts logistics centres offer "in-night" shipping of spare parts, i.e. guaranteed delivery of parts during the night from Norderstedt throughout Germany, Denmark and the Benelux countries; and from Lahr near Offenburg throughout France, Austria, Switzerland and Italy


Jungheinrich has developed a brand positioning that focuses even more on the success of our customers. The company paved the way for this repositioning by its courageous and future-oriented concentration on a single brand - Jungheinrich - and by creating highly effective direct sales channels. To tie in with the company's 50th anniversary we have driven the brand position even further forward and have refocused all advertising measures. All these efforts have one goal: to convince the customer that Jungheinrich is a valuable partner.


Jungheinrich has developed a brand position, which places customers' success even more in the limelight than before. The company with its brave and future-oriented concentration on one single brand - Jungheinrich - and direct distribution created the basis of this new positioning. To celebrate its 50th anniversary, the company has further developed its brand positioning and given its advertising appearance a new direction. And all of this with one aim in mind. Customers should be convinced: Jungheinrich - well worthwhile.

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